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Q+A with Jessica Brende

Best advice for taking on a design project…
-Be authentic and patient…

If you had to pick one style of home to live in what would it be?
-California Spanish- with natural textures, light colors and large scale art on the walls

In your travels, what has inspired you the most?
-The shimmery gold rooftops of Istanbul- they remind me that every space needs a hint of gold

What’s your favorite meal?
-Anything with a glass of pinot noir

What’s your favorite piece in your home?
-Next to my children, an ocean resin painting by Mirandon

What does a perfect vacation day entail?
-My family and I on ski slopes together

What does your dream home look like?
-A compound to share with family and close friends

Where do you like to shop for furniture and accessories?
-Shopping sprees online are my favorite- I love finding sites that offer unique products like Mili Designs NYC or Madeline Weinrib. For the in-person tangible experience, I count on Harbinger on La Cienega in Los Angeles.

What is your design pet peeve?
-When the style and function of a home does not match the style and function of the family

Every room needs…
-One item too pretty to touch